Ionys designs performance-oriented construction chemistry products for preventive, sustainable and economic construction engineering. In particular, these products are designed to extend the life of concrete such as bridges and airport runways.

IONYS designs innovative components for the construction industry that are better performing, more environmentally sustainable and more durable than traditional components, particularly for the improvement of concrete performance. Construction Chemicals are used to improve workability, enhance performance, add functionality, extend life or protect construction materials such as concrete and tarmac and the resulting structures from environmental hazards.

The global construction chemicals market is expected to grow in the coming years. Market demand is driven by new safety and environmental regulations, infrastructure and housing development in emerging countries, and renovation in the older economies such as Europe and USA with globalisation and consolidation the inevitable consequence. China, Western Europe and USA are the largest consumers of construction chemicals, accounting for about 42%, 16% and 15% of global consumption, respectively, in 2012. Despite growing demand, the market is characterized by a lack innovation and traditional products that cannot be further developed.

IONYS currently focuses on 2 platform technologies which are protected through patents and IP rights, thereby enabling multiple products to be developed for different applications. These platform technologies are a hydrophobing gel and special fibres which can increase the life span of concrete and construction materials by several decades.

The gel offers a surface protection that protects reinforced concrete from harmful substances entering into it’s structure. The gel is available as specialist formulations for several submarkets (mortar, concrete, ready-mix concrete, bricks, DIY sector). The functionalized fiber makes mortar and plaster systems more resistant by adding a chemical to bind the fiber and the mortar bound matrix.