ARTCline is a spin-off of the Rostock University Clinic focusing on the treatment of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock – a whole-body inflammation after breakdown of the patients’ auto-immune system which accounts for some 40% of non-coronary ICU expenditures - amounting to over $17 billion annually in the US alone.

ARTCline has developed an advanced technology for the extracorporeal treatment of severe sepsis and septic shock in intensive care units (ICUs). Sepsis is a whole-body inflammatory reaction after breakdown of the autoimmune system, mostly caused by bacterial infections and often leads to multi-organ failure and death. Sepsis is surprisingly common and often fatal, costing over $17 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Sepsis is a worldwide problem with no existing effective drug treatments. Infection and related sepsis are the leading cause of death in non-cardiac ICUs, with mortality rates that reach 60% and account for approximately 40% of total ICU expenditures.

ARTCline provides the patient with a functioning, healthy autoimmune system outside of their body using extracorporeal Immune Cell Therapy called Immune Competence Enhancement to remove toxins, viral pathogens, immunosuppressive glycoproteins and other endotoxins and interfering materials. Using advanced blood transfusion techniques, plasma is separated from the patient’s blood and then combined with a concentrate of donor white blood cells, whose task is to kill pathogens and to eliminate the toxic waste contained in the patient’s plasma. The white cells also produce immune-modulatory substances that are given back to the patient together with the cleaned plasma. The donor white blood cells are treated using a proprietary protocol to enhance their quantity and biological activity. These donor cells remain within the ARTCline device, enabling the patient’s own immune system to recover and re-establish an improved immune-competence.  Future development includes improved diagnostics and biomarkers for inclusion in the device and for patient testing.